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Water Damage Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,

The Water Damage Squad


The Water Damage Squad is your #1 choice when picking a disaster expert who can solve all of your problems that water damage leaves behind in its wake
Rainstorms, sewer back-ups, broken pipes, and plumbing malfunctions are some of the leading causes of water related damage. They can occur at any time and with little or no warning. While this can feel like an impossible problem to deal with, we understand the kinds of stress that your're facing when dealing with a disaster in your home or business. You may also have to repair or replace your personal property, carpets, sub-flooring, drywall, and basements. We are available 24 hours a day for calls, and will even work with your insurance company to get your repair needs solved quickly minimizing damage to your property and your pocketbook.

Our experienced technicians will work quickly and efficiently to heal your water related incident. We are insured, licenced, and local; so there is no need to look any further when calling a water damage restoration expert.

As a locally owned and operated business, we are able to offer service custom tailored to your specific area. Our experienced technicians know how obtrusive water damage can be! They will always work to quickly and efficiently solve your issue, so that you can return to your life.


Mold is one of the most hazardous of indoor contaminants. Because of this, we approach the removal of mold with the utmost consideration and thoroughness. Pets, children, and the elderly are most at risk; but everyone who occupies the property then becomes at risk in this type restoration project. In the event of this kind of damage, The Water Damage Squad is still the #1 choice of informed homeowners. We will work tirelessly to minimize the damage to property without allowing the quality of work to diminish, and as always, we are available 24 hours a day for calls!


We know that fire and smoke related damage can also be a seemingly impossible task to deal with. After the dust settles, the restoration project then becomes the next task at hand and choosing a company to perform these restorations should be the easiest decision on your plate. The Water Damage Squad is also available to perform smoke related damage restorations, offering the same quality performance you should expect from the best in water/mold related restorations.
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2441 W Berks st, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, 19121

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