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  A review of the Flir/Extech class by Samuel Buck
FLIR/Extech Your Tools for Success in the Restoration and Remediation Industry. 1pm-5pm Cost $29
Presented by Ted Krajewski
This course is an introduction to Flir Thermal (or infrared) Cameras, and Extech Moisture Sensors.
Ted covers the wide range of cameras, sensors, and accessories used in the restoration and remediation.
The class has lots of hands on time to play with the equipment and get to know the many useful features. Many people may ask which to choose. Should I get a camera or a sensor? Class discussion reveals that there are many situations where sensors and cameras are used separately and together. And that it is important to do your homework to determine which is right for your company may not be the same as another. There are single function sensors and sensors that combine many features into one hand held device. Separate wireless viewing screens can be a useful tool for your customer to get a better view of the work to be performed and the results of the completed job. Having worked in the remodeling and restoration industry previously, I discovered many useful tools I wish that I had known about years ago! This is amazing technology which will takes all the guess work out of determining the scope of damage repair inside walls where you cannot fully see without making a bunch of holes in the wall. Flir and Extech equipment can add a huge edge to your business in time savings, accurate bidding, and absolute proof of thorough job completion.

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1035 W. Amelia St, Orlando, Florida, USA, 32805

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